Why I Chose UCS

View of the Waterfront building and gallery across the marina

Now this is a question I get asked A LOT. The reason for this is because a majority of my mates all went to large university’s, which are well-known such as Birmingham, Manchester, Cambridge etc. As UCS is small and modern, anyone who isn’t from Suffolk or the surrounding area doesn’t know much about the University.  So these are my top reasons on why I chose UCS:


  1. Location

Ipswich, to Surrey (Home) for me is around a two-hour journey. This is ideal as I wanted to be far from home, but not too far so I can get back easily.  Linked to location is the area of Ipswich itself. I like the new developments and what Ipswich has to offer. All you have to do is visit UCS and the view of the waterfront is something else.

2. Course offered.

Because I did a joint course very few universities actually offered Business With Leisure, so the fact the uni offered my course made it into my choice.


  1. Size

Due to the university only being small it means the lectures are a lot smaller in size. This means lectures aren’t as boring as the lecturer’s keep them inclusive. A majority of lecturer’s even try to learn your name! Which surprised me during my first year.


4. Accommodation

As I am living away from home, for me it was important the accommodation suited me. Athena Halls is the student accommodation, which has only recently been built. Rooms come with their own ensuites and a shared kitchen with modern furnishings.

Athena-Hall-exterior-Copy-Rights-to-UCS-Hero-Copyrights-990x341 These are my top 4 reasons on why I chose UCS! Hope it helped


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